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Helping Children Cope With You Dating Again

Sooner or later most people who have been through a divorce begin to rebuild their social lives, and dating soon returns as an option as the emotional wounds begin to heal. It can be a difficult transition for people at the best of times, often requiring the reacquisition of dating skills, but when children are part of the equation it becomes more challenging for all concerned. It is entirely normal for a child to be extremely negative towards a parent's first date.

The reason for this is that the child often sees dating as a new threat to their world, which has already been turned upside down. They will usually see any new potential partners as competition for the love and attention they expect from you - and as a rejection of your ex-partner. Most children, regardless of the realities of a situation, will have fantasies of reconciliation between you and their original parent and so all their fears of abandonment will rise back to the surface. This needs careful management.

Here then are a few pointers for navigating through this tricky time:

The temptation is to think that a new partner or spouse will somehow make your family whole once more, but the reality rarely bears this out - and resist the temptation to hurry to get your child to participate in any relationships. As a general rule of thumb, listen to your instincts and if you are uneasy about having your "friend" stay over while your child is around then don't ask them.

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