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How to get back into the dating scene after divorce

Getting back into dating after a divorce is not always the easy process that you might expect. Your memories of the dating scene and its etiquette are most likely quite out of date by now. While you may be missing the companionship and looking for someone new to share your life, don't jump in with all guns blazing. You're probably going to need to do a bit of fine tuning on your instincts and behaviours if you're going to have any success.

Here's a few simple tips for success in the dating game after your divorce:

Keep it light - don't assume that your first date will be "the one" - and be prepared to just enjoy the date as an evening out. Have some fun, don't take it too seriously and be prepared to date a few people while you work out what you want and who you are now. If nothing else, keeping it light will mean that you enjoy the memory of the date even if it doesn't work out.

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