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Writing your profile - Making the best first impression

The first contact most people will have with you is via your profile. A well written interesting profile will not only increase the number of messages you get but will also ensure that you attract the type of person you're looking for.

I know it's daunting writing about yourself. Many people think to themselves "who's interested in this anyway"? But think about it; when you're looking through other people's profiles who's going to stand out more, someone with a blank page or someone who reveals something about themselves and sounds interesting?

It's really not that hard to make your profile inviting. You may want to start with choosing a picture. Profiles with pictures are considerably more likely to attract attention. Yes it sounds a little shallow but that's how humans work. Choose a picture that makes you feel good about yourself. Most camera phones can take a pretty good picture now so you may want to take one especially for your profile. Make sure it's well lit; near a window gives you lots of light and check the background for distractions. It's amazing how many people snap a picture of themselves in the bathroom on a night out with the toilet open in the background, you can do better. Choose a picture with just you in it. You want people to be focusing on you.

Now the picture's sorted check of the easy stuff all the basics like location, height weight etc. Filling these out is important because a lot of the search filters use them. If you leave them blank or incorrect you won't be showing up properly when other people are searching for you.

Now comes the tricky part. The big open space for your profile. If your mind goes blank, go and take a look at some other profiles. See what sounds good, what sounds cheesy. You don't need to write your autobiography. Say what your situation is, what kind of person or relationship you'd like, how many children you yah, how you spend your time. Avoid saying things like you're pretty boring or you don't get out much. I'm sure you're not. You may stay at home because you like spending time with your kids or you're kept busy. Write in a way that people can relate to.

Having a profile that is interesting and invites a few questions will help people who want to message you too. Instead of asking the same old boring questions they can ask you about that holiday your mentioned or your love of parachuting. After you send someone a message they will most likely check out your profile before replying so make sure it looks interesting.

Remember not to reveal too much personal information though. A good rule of thumb is imagine you're talking to a stranger in a cafe, what would you be comfortable telling them?

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